Stand Up Paddle (SUP)

Have a crack at the fastest growing water sport in the world right now. With no surfing experience necessary you can get on a SUP and have stacks of fun. Enjoy our beginner lessons in flat water and experience the feeling of cruising on top of the water and take advantage of the fitness and strength gained from SUP boarding.

SUP boarding can be enjoyed by everyone from 8 to 88 years of age due to the relaxed and easy aspect of the sport. At the start you can do some flat water paddling at some of Tassies beautiful waterways and then if you are keen you can progress into the surf on small days, join in our more advanced SUP surf sessions.

At your lesson we supply the SUP board and paddle, as well as wetsuits or thermal rashies to paddle in. You will spend most of your time on the board but as a beginner no doubt you will have a few plunges into the water.

SUP boarding is so easy to do and in addition so great for you core body strength and balance awareness. Many experienced surfers use SUP boarding to maintain core strength when the surf is flat, but no surfing experience is necessary to have a go, so get into the worldwide SUP boarding growth and experience the fun and fitness it has to offer.