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Join a Group Lesson & Surf Progression Packages

Quick Details

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One Surf Lesson
Three Surf Lessons
Five Surf Lessons
Seven Surf Lessons

Pick a Surf Lesson/Surf Package that sounds good for you, and join in with a group of other people at a similar level. The more lessons you surf with us, the more surfing skills and knowledge you will have to get past that initial, frustrating beginner stage. Coastrider coaches are focused on making sure you achieve surfing success and have a safe and great time doing so.

Learn to Surf Lesson/Package Options:

Single Surf Lesson
Join in a group surf lesson and enjoy a taste of the surfing lifestyle. You learn all the key base skills for paddling correctly and getting to your feet and riding with a good technique. You also get a thorough rundown of surf safety, ocean awareness, and surfing rules.

3 Lesson Surf Package
Progress your surfing with a focus on catching more waves, getting to your feet efficiently, surfing with the correct stance, and riding waves consistently. You will now be more confident in the surf and improving well.

5 Lesson Surf Package
This package helps with wave selection and timing your takeoff and aims to have you riding unbroken/ green waves and starting to turn the board both ways. After five lessons, your surf skills and knowledge is great and you start feeling the flow.

7 Lesson Surf Package
After seven lessons with our coaches’ assistance, you’re now ready to embark on your own surfing lifestyle. The aim is to have you riding unbroken/green waves fairly consistently and trimming along the face of the wave on your forehand and backhand. You will not only feel super stoked but look a pretty decent beginner surfer also.

How to redeem future Lessons in your package

If purchasing a Surfing Progression Package, choose your start date,  then book your future lesson time slots using the codes you will be issued after purchase.  This can be done straight away or anytime that suits you. Use them in your own time.

Surf Lesson Itinerary

  • Roll up at the beach 5-10 min prior to your start time, meet us at the Coastrider trailer and bus in the car park.
  • Your coach introduces themselves and gets you sorted with a wetsuit and board.
  • We start with some beach-based technique and surf safety info. We are big on getting it right on the beach and getting you ready to hit the waves.
  • One surf coach to a Max of 6 group surfers makes sure you get plenty of attention and progress fast.
  • You then hit the surf in waves suitable for your ability.
  • A feedback session with goals for your next surf lesson is done before getting changed.